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The Road Book : CULTURE


The cultural life marshals in particular at San José. The country is well known for its nature and culture.







It is important to be well dressed and to behave with courtesy. Avoid ostentatious affection in public. Nudism or topless are unacceptable on the beaches. Family life is very important. The 15th birthday of the girls is as festive as a wedding.





Catholicism reigns and nearly 75% of the population practice it. Blacks from the Caribbean side are mostly Protestant. San José is home to a small Jewish community and has few Muslims.





Travellers can visit the Gold Museum, the Jade Museum and the National Theatre. The “Ticos” love theater to attend the opera, ballet and even concerts. Expositions of different and varied themes are often held. Antigua Aduana and Sinac are the two main places of exhibitions and events of all kinds.

In even years, San José hosts for two weeks in March the Arte Festival, which allows attending a multitude of shows: music, dance, theater, films, among others.

The Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo in San José has excellent permanent exhibition of the contemporary art scene in Costa Rica.





The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish. In general, English is understood in tourist areas. The majority are the Caribbean blacks who speak English Creole. Indian languages are used in remote areas, particularly the bri-bri, spoken by some 10,000 people.



  • Good morning: Buenos días.
  • Good afternoon: Buenas tardes.
  • Good evening: Buenas noches.
  • Good night: Buenas noches.
  • Hi / Hello: Hola.
  • Bye: Adios.
  • Bye /I’ll be right away: Hasta luego.


Useful Expression:

  • Excuse me sir : Perdón, señor.
  • Madam: Señora.
  • Miss: Señorita.
  • Do you speak French? : ¿Habla usted francés?
  • Yes: Sí.
  • No: No.
  • I’m sorry : Lo siento.
  • I do not speak Spanish: No hablo español.
  • Speak more slowly please: Hable más despacio, por favor.
  • You can repeat please? : Repita por favor.
  • The bill, please: La cuenta (cuentita), por favor
  • Can I ask you a question? Una pregunta, por favor?
  • Can you help me? : ¿Podría ayudarme?
  • Where is…? : ¿Dónde está…?
  • Many thanks: Muchas gracias.


  • The cultural life marshals in particular at San José.
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