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The Road Book : CUISINE


The traditional cuisine is not as famous for the variety but it is simple and tasty. It is the quality and the extreme freshness of the products used. National dishes are the “Arroz Con Pollo” – chicken rice, “Gallo Pinto” – spotted rooster that contains a mixture of black beans, white rice, onions, garlic and local sauce. These ingredients are well distinguished in all the traditional dishes that include meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, natilla (cream), plantains, yucain and corn tortillas.


The traditional dish is “Casoda” which means married. This is a dish that any good wife must serve her husband. This is a large plate with a full meal: a rawness salad (cabbage usually), rice, beans and meat (beef or chicken), fish or seafood (especially shrimp or lobster).





The famous ceviche is also a delicious white fish dish (often bar) or seafood marinated in lemon juice and seasoned with onion and cilantro. Cilantro and onion flavor most vegetable dishes, meat or fish, which eventually give them a fairly uniform flavor.


The chicken (pollo) is one of the favorite foods of the country. It is cooked in all forms. Beef, high in the country, is a real treat if one can explain desired cooking. As in many countries, barbecues are often cooked.


The tamales are small pies of corn flour and stuffed with meat and vegetables that are prepared traditionally on the occasion of Christmas. The very licking cake (three milks) is a kind of dessert to taste of condensed milk. Another dessert, arroz con leche (rice pudding) is also popular. In both cases, you must love sugar.





Water is drinkable throughout the country. However mineral water is available in all the country. Fruit juices are freshly squeezed and it is excellent.


Costa Rica is not famous for its wine; nevertheless you can find red or white wine in the great restaurants, particularly in French cuisine.


The “guaro” made from sugar cane, is the national alcohol. The making the right rum and beer are also the favorite drink of Ticos. American beer, blondes and light are also on the market.


  • The traditional dish is “Casoda” which means married. This is a dish that any good wife must serve her husband.
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